The Pro version is nearly done!

It has been a little quite here at Spiral Scratch Software as we have been busy working on the Pro version of BestRoute.  I'm happy to say that good progress has been made and we will be starting our private Beta testing in the next few days.

If you would like the opportunity to participate in the Beta program, or you are interested to know a little bit more about Route Optimization and the Traveling Salesman Problem read on....

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Coming Attractions

We are busy getting the next version of BestRoute ready.  Apart from fixing the known bugs, there is a major enhancement in the works:

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Google MyMaps Integration

The next version of BestRoute (which will be released later today) has a number of significant enhancements.....the most important of which is integration to Google MyMaps.

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Our First Bug - and it's not even ours!

Woke up to find this as one of the first feedback comments for the app.  Nightmare.

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New and Improved

We are happy to tell you that within the next couple of days we will finally release the app.  As well as improving the overall reliability and responsiveness (especially in areas with poor or intermittent 3G coverage) we've taken the opportunity to put in a number of enhancements.

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